Why I Run

Before I tell you about me, I will relate a little backstory about my parents.

My father is the kindest and hardest-working person I know. He puts everyone before himself and asks for nothing in return. He is perhaps the greatest man I have ever met.

My mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis several years ago. By this point she is legally disabled, but she is still able to walk short distances. Even though her strength is diminishing, she remains kind and loving. I respect her greatly for this. She creates simple crafts, cares for small animals, and enjoys little things in life. These are tremendous skills that few people possess even in the best of circumstances.

Thanks to both of you!
Both of my parents have Autoimmune diseases. My mother has multiple sclerosis, and my father has peripheral neuropathy. My grandmother also has Alzheimer’s, which is considered by some to be autoimmune as well. I run to raise money for the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, which funds research into cures for Autoimmune diseases.

I run for personal reasons aside from fundraising. Running gives me strength and helps me hone my sense of self and good will; any runner understands this. But running- while enlightening- also poses more questions for me. It is strengthening, but we must decide how to use that strength. There is uncertainty in the world.

I've made mistakes. But I will not let these things stop me from giving something back to the world. I will not overlook my blessings, and I will always do my best to live honorably, regardless of where life takes me.

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